Free and Better is…. Better!

Taking the best software route for our customers – not always the most profitable route for us – is how we roll! Open Source software is sometimes the most efficient avenue to use when it comes to setting up parts of your business technology and maintaining it.

What is Open Source software? It’s software that has been designed for public use by the collaboration of many contributors and is free to use. Why should you have to buy expensive licenses if you don’t have to?

The AComp IT Solutions LLC team carefully assesses your business IT to decide what software solutions will be the most effective for your needs. Open Source solutions can often be leveraged for many of the behind the scenes solutions you need to run your business such as security (network tools, email filtering, network management, firewalls) and web services (FTP, Web servers, Email).

Software Development New Jersey
Software Development New Jersey

Cost Efficient

Save money while enjoying
the best solution for your

Software Development New Jersey

Modular Design

Enables you to use exactly
the pieces of software your application requires.

Software Development New Jersey

No License Renewals

Never worry about managing licenses for your open source software solutions.

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