IT investment is a subject of great contention and debate these days. Small business owners are faced with crucial decisions dealing with whether to have in-house IT staff or outsourced IT consultants and technicians handling their network service. Many companies are realizing that not having qualified professionals handling their computer support in Philadelphia has been, in the long run, more costly than the alternative.

How is this possible?

Well, due to gaps in service and inabilities of in-house IT staff to handle EVERY IT eventuality on an ongoing basis, trouble areas creep in and create “phantom” and even glaring vulnerabilities that will eventually surface or cause havoc, allowing for things like server failure, security breaches, and catastrophic data loss,

We keep the IT networks of smaller companies free of adverse eventualities through provisions like customized and collaborative business intelligence solutions, more integrative, advanced-technology strategies, and constant monitoring and safeguarding of the entire data center and network.

And, for healthcare facilities and other medical covered entities, having outsourced IT services via strategically-partnered agencies who handle their IT services equals much better compliance readiness for healthcare firms that covers all medical IT systems.

Philadelphia IT Services with a Long-Range View

Our longer-range, threat-preventative data network protection methods are a cost-conscious small businesses’ best friend, amounting to more time and money saved, as well as greater IT security and data protection assurance overall.

How could our Philadelphia IT support approach, then, not be seen as a value-added attractor for cost and data security-conscious business owners?

With A Comp, it’s simple: Better cost control and streamlining of the IT service process is a better way to go for budget-conscious business entities. And with statistics like these going around, you have more cause than ever before to “go pro” with your computer support services.

  • 92% of organizations that outsource disaster recovery claim that costs are the same as or lower than compared to in-house functionalities.
  • 65% of organizations that outsource application hosting have plans to increase the amount of work they will outsource.
  • Only 6% of companies survive longer than 2 years after suffering a catastrophic data loss.

Does Your Philadelphia Computer Support Company Truly Support You?

For many small business owners, the answer is, unfortunately, no, where overall productivity and prosperity are concerned. Discover the difference a fully-engaged IT support in Philadelphia can make, where the stakes involve your very survival as a competitive and fluent business venture.

To reach that higher level of computer support in Philadelphia that can keep your business venture more secure, viable, and competitive, contact us today for a fast and easy IT consultation. Call 732.608.1050 or email us at for more details on how to get started.

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