Right here, with A Comp! No matter where you need healthcare IT services in NJ, our team of expert technicians will be there – whether onsite or remotely – to mitigate any issues your organization’s IT network is experiencing.

Do you offer HIPAA compliant solutions for both covered entities and business associates?

You bet we do! No matter if you are a principal covered entity (CE) or business associate (BA) of a hospital, managed care facility, doctor’s office, clinic, or another type of healthcare organization, we make staying in HIPAA compliance straightforward and affordable.

Can you help us with business continuity, intelligence, and planning? 

Yes! Our healthcare IT consulting presents you with an ongoing partner in business continuity planning, and the best business intelligence solutions. An A Comp consultancy will help your facility keep a tight ship running and compliance issues under control.

What main areas do you cover with your healthcare IT support?

Our medical IT support covers:

  • Strict HIPAA-compliant procedures and accountability
  • EMR and Practice Management Software
  • Medical Billing Software
  • Proactive desktop, server and network management
  • Branch office connectivity, and more. 

Does your medical IT service provide continuous, anytime support?

Absolutely! We excel at providing industry-leading IT solutions for medical facilities that can also cover Business Associates (BAs) as well, which makes us unique as a diligent provider of NJ IT services to hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices and others.

Can your medical IT support firm keep our entire network safe and secure?

We make sure everyone handling, viewing, or transmitting personally-identifiable information on any device connected to your network remains secure from device infiltration and data exfiltration and exploitation.

As committed and diligent New Jersey healthcare IT consultants, we employ a complete HIPAA compliance checklist that covers every part and process of your IT network end to end, including:

  • Ongoing monitoring all physical and administrative points of contact
  • Workforce security, workstation use, and workstation security protocols
  • Establishing compliance-ready data backup and business continuity strategies
  • Staff cyber security incident procedures and awareness training
  • Facility access controls and comprehensive security plan
  • Rigorous device and media control objectives

How do we get started with you as our healthcare IT support? 

Call us right away at 732.608.1050 or email us at support@acompnj.com for more details on how to get started with healthcare IT services in New Jersey that can keep your hospital, clinic, or another facility more secure and audit-ready. Contact us today for a fast and easy, no-hassle IT consultation.

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