The AComp story began in 2000 when our founder bravely struck out on his own…

and began to serve the IT needs of niche companies that needed someone with a strong background in tailoring unique IT solutions.

That’s what set us apart from the pack. Highly customized IT solutions. And since our inception, we haven’t caved to the pressure to force our clients into pre-packaged IT


Because off-the-shelf IT solutions usually don’t work as
advertised, and there is no such thing as “one size fits all.”
That, and to put it bluntly. We don’t have to sell pre-packaged IT.

We have the technical know-how to do things differently – and better – for you!

IT Services NJ

IT Services NJ

Technical capability has been the cornerstone of our team from the very beginning.

As a matter of fact, the words “highly competent” would be appropriate.

Unlike others in the IT support space, AComp has no
low-level technicians. When you work with us, you don’t get some poor rookie down the ladder – you get the best.

Every support request goes directly to a qualified expert who has the full capacity and high-level training to deal with your issue in real time.

We know that your time is valuable. We promise that we won’t waste it with the escalation of help-desk tickets.

That’s just not us.

As a result of this level of competency, we have

A relationship of trust with our

Building long-term, win-win relationships with the
companies that we serve is central to who we are as a

To us, you aren’t just a number on a help-desk ticket.

You are the CLIENT and our customer (these words still have meaning to us…).

You’re a friend – so you get the attention you deserve!
As a matter of fact, each of our clients get…

IT Services NJ

One consistent Point of Contact for all your IT needs.

As part of our personal and involved approach to IT support, we assign one of our executive staff to
each account as that company’s Point of Contact.

We believe that this kind of consistency is important for our relationship with you, and for our daily
support of your business technology.

We have over 20 years of experience in the IT / Networking industry and working with clients in every field.

Let us put that expertise and
experience to work for your business.

Contact us at (732) 608_-1050 or