Memorial Day – Reflecting On Sacrifice

Memorial Day has been observed on the final Monday in May each year since 1971, but this occasion traces its roots back much farther in our country’s history. Originally known as Decoration Day, this day was first established during the Civil War in 1862 and was marked by loved ones decorating the graves of those […]

Cloud Computing: Great at Horse Races – and Streamlining Your Company

Cloud computing makes big news in the races – and gives us a chance to talk about the benefits of data solutions! There’s an old saying we just made up that says, “When a trend finally wins a horse race, you know it’s here for the long haul.” We’re specifically talking about the big news […]

What Age Should You Buy Your Child a Smartphone?

The right age to buy a smartphone is a tough decision for parents. Most experts suggest middle school age children are more likely to handle the responsibility of owning a mobile device.   There’s little doubt over the appeal tech has for children. Each holiday, most kids are likely to fill their wish lists with […]

I Want Highly Informative Excel Spreadsheets

If you are giving a presentation and part of it involves a shared display or handouts of a spreadsheet what can you do to keep the group awake? Let’s face it, Microsoft Excel is an excellent tool for organizing and manipulating statistical data, but when sharing your spreadsheet with others, your spreadsheet has to be […]

Benefits of Office 365’s Email Archiving Features

Outlook’s new feature allows you to hold onto deleted emails longer than ever. By setting a later purge date, you can hold onto important communications without cluttering your email folders.   Most people have likely suffered the heartache of deleting an important email. You search and search again through your inbox and the communication is […]

Healthcare Data Theft: Protecting Your Practice

Providers of healthcare often have access to more than the credit card information of their patients. Social security numbers, addresses, and sensitive medical data are all stored by healthcare providers. Inefficient or ineffective protective measures can be devastating to patients.   Data breaches and the related theft of sensitive information caused a big fervor among […]

Are you prepared to face WannaCry Ransomware 2.0?

WannaCry Ransomware has hit thousands of businesses, government institutions, and private citizens worldwide. It’s been all over the news. And as you have probably heard, it’s only getting worse. WannaCry version #1 was destructive for those affected by the ransomware causing downtime, disruption, lost revenue, and in the case of the National Health Service hospitals […]

Ransomware Takes Down Hospitals in the UK. – Are your systems safe?

It’s called the Wanna Decryptor, and it’s one of the most feared ransomware strains today. Why? Because once your systems are infected with this ransomware variant, there is nothing that can be done for you. There is no known software that can decrypt a computer or network once it has been infected and encrypted by […]

Tips For Drafting A Comprehensive HIPAA Business Associate Agreement

Business Associate Agreements (BAAs) are an important part of HIPAA compliance for your practice. These contracts should clearly outline a Business Associate’s responsibilities regarding your PHI and can pose a serious liability risk if the BAA isn’t negotiated effectively. Any outside entity or individual that is charged with receiving, maintaining, creating, or transmitting PHI is […]

Wisdom Wednesday: Master Snapchat In Your Business

When it comes to social media marketing, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are no longer enough. Get an edge over your competition by mastering Snapchat now! Since all but taking over online communication, social media has become a viable business tool as well. Social media is easy and affordable to use, and it allows access to […]

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